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Welcome to Villas Imagen.

Villas Imagen is a project born from our wishes to expand the services offered by Imagen Residencias.


Imagen Residencias is a building contractor located in Moraira that prides itself on constructing luxurious and quality villas all over the Costa Blanca with more than 30 years experience. What sets Imagen Residencias apart is the great variety of services offered in addition to the building/construction.

We offer complete assistance with all the tedious Spanish bureaucratic procedures that come with building your dream villa. Our employees speak several languages, besides Spanish and Catalan, such as English, Dutch, German and French, so you will be comfortable and able to communicate directly with your contractor, even if you don´t speak Spanish. Once your villa is built we offer the possibility of additional hire services to keep your beautiful villa in shape, including the cleaning of your garden, pool and home.


Thanks to our personal treatment many of our clients have kept in contact with us, and some of them class members of Imagen Residencias as their friends.

Villas Imagen, villa rental was established when we learned that many of our clients were interested in renting out their villas during the months that they were not in use, as this was their second residence, or they were away for long periods of time.

Villas Imagen follows the same philosophy as Imagen Residencias. We offer attractive and luxurious villas, with pool, terrace, great views and everything that is expected from a holiday villa. However, we stand out thanks to our assistance and personal service during your entire stay.



We look forward to seeing you soon.

Krista  Holthaus

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